Month: March 2013

Inspiration: Hansel and Gretel in the Far North by Jensine Eckwall


Designs for an adaptation of the classic Grimm tale, set in Inuit Northern Canada, with concept sketches.


Packaging design: JOCO Coffee cup by Jimmy Gleeson


Jimmy Gleeson from Melbourne created this incredible Brand design, packaging and ongoing creative direction for reusable glass coffee cup brand, Joco.

“Ethically minded, Joco are all about equal amounts of substance and style. They care for your coffee as much as Mother Earth, and believe that environmentally safe materials combined with smart design are the best reasons to drink from their cups over plastic alternatives.

Joco’s packaging follows the eco-mindset of their glass cups. Their packaging has been designed to be reused and can be posted as a mail tube.”

App of the week: Snapseed


Memories. Experiences. Images. Snap them and they’re yours. But now, with Snapseed, the fun really begins. Get a little gritty with your images. Add some drama. Go vintage. Or selectively adjust with a tap and a swipe. We’ve made sophisticated photo editing effects – high-powered techniques the pros use – really simple, intuitive, and just a little addictive. If you’re just getting started, head over to learn or take a scroll here through what’s possible. Right now. With just a couple of taps, swipes, and clicks.

Font of the week: Solomon


Quick, grab a bargain for $9, that’s 97% off!

The new Solomon type family includes 12 very unique in themselves design styles. These twelve designs are divided into two main style groups – text family and display (or decorative) family. The Solomon text pack is characterized by excellent legibility, well – finished geometric designs, optimized kerning etc. Solomon is most suitable for headlines of all sizes, as well as for text blocks that come in both maximum and minimum variations. The Solomon deco pack is created using ornamental work with organic forms at the heart of the design base. The use and combination of both groups – deco and text family, is highly recommended in order to attain maximum desired effects.

Interview: Emily Conners



We’ve seen a few meteoric careers on MyFonts before, but the dazzling feats accomplished by the one-woman foundry called Emily Lime has left us seriously in awe. Based in Greenville, SC, this brand new font company managed to score one best-seller after another these past six months. The energetic Southern Belle in charge of the operation has made fonts in a range of styles, but capricious scripts are what she does best. Her peacefully named Bombshell Pro is at the top of our Hot New Fonts list as we speak. And while her alphabets are nonchalant and untamed, the underlying font technology is smart and nifty. Meet Emily Conners, a newcomer with a punch.

Packaging Design: Aperio by Denis Carroll


Aperio (Latin for Reveal) is a traditional barbershop in West End London. Along with creating the brand identity for Aperio, I also designed these new modern and contemporary apothecary-esque own-brand product bottles and jars. The glass is recessed to allow for a handmade wooden collar. I used a dark grey aroma wood to create a nice contrast with both the brand identity mark and the glass.” – Denis Carroll