Month: April 2013

Artist profile: Jensine Eckwall


Jensine Eckwall (JEN-sen) is an illustrator, printmaker, and letterer based out of New York City. Many of her works have been featured on Behance and is truly inspiring.
She is inspired by the spectrum of emotion, the darkness of childhood, and the beautiful brutality of nature.


App for the week: ColorSchemer Touch


Put over a million palettes in your pocket with ColorSchemer Touch. Turn your iPhone/iPod Touch into an endless source of ideas and inspiration from the 450,000-member COLOURlovers creative design community. ColorSchemer Touch makes it fun and easy to explore, create, interact, and share your color ideas – whenever inspiration strikes.

Packaging design: Doce Cielos by Anagrama


Doce Cielos is a brand specializing in traditional handcrafted honey-based products. Their mission is to encourage the recognition and consumption of these native Mexican apiculture products, emphasizing the product’s richness in flavor, texture, color and benefits to personal health.

The packaging lines make allusion to traditional handcrafted Mexican paintings and art pieces. Our proposal achieves a sophisticated link between the Mexican handcrafts heritage and the honey’s sweet traditional essence.Since the brand’s primary products are honey-based, we chose a bee for the logo.

The packaging design praises the great variety of honey varieties using a categorization based visual system and nomenclature. The typography is meant to convey the cleanliness and elegance of the product.

Font of the week: Hiruko Pro


Hiruko Pro is a brand new improved version of our original release back in 2008. We have made many improvements to the original family including the re-drawing of a variety of characters, improved kerning, and 4 brand new weights to help give the overall family more balance. Hiruko Pro works well both as a headline and a text font, and it also renders nicely on the web. This type family has been produced to the highest standard with each weight supporting 27 different languages. Hiruko Pro comprises of 20 weights, ranging from Extra Light to Black.

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Exhibition: Too Much Night, Again by Pae White


Californian artist Pae White has just arrived at Peckham’s South London Gallery with an installation made up of a 48 kilometre network of threads. Characterised by its transient nature, Pae’s work is often constructed from fragile materials that are utilised en masse to build large-scale sculptural works. Previous installations have include gold-lined popcorn kernels suspended from transparent thread and tapestries of billowing smoke plumes.

Too Much Night, Again runs until May 12.

Interview: Type-ø-Tones


They are four designers from Barcelona: Laura Meseguer, José Manuel (aka Josema) UrósJoan Barjau and Enric Jardí. They’re a loosely-knit collective of independent individuals, each with their own activities as graphic designers, writers and teachers. They have been making and publishing fonts since the early days of desktop type design, and pioneered digital techniques that are now commonplace. Their fonts represent an approach that is, perhaps, typically Catalan: simultaneously adventurous and serious, witty and well-conceived. They recently released a string of new typefaces by Laura and Josema alongside some by other brilliant Barcelona designers. Meet the delegates of Type-Ø-Tones, a foundry that deserves respect.