Month: June 2013

Inspiration: 21 Inspiring Single Page Websites



The single page design trend is getting more and more attention from designers, today we decided to show you some inspiring examples of websites that have all their content in a single page.


Design Classics: The Man with the Golden Arm by Saul Bass


As a graphic designer Saul Bass (1920-1996) created some of the most iconic logos in American corporate history but it is work in films, where he almost single-handedly re-defined what titles and credits could achieve in cinema, for which he is probably best remembered.

Describing his ground-breaking work on Otto Preminger’s The Man with the Golden Arm, Bass’ obituary writer described him as “..the minimalist auteur who put a jagged arm in motion in 1955 and created an entire film genre…and elevated it into an art form.”

Bass’ style had always been minimalist, using simple geometric shapes and symbols to carry mood and message. His art and typography was often intentionally identifiable as hand-drawn to further carry over the meaning he wanted to convey to an audience

Inspiration: The Hangover Book by DXTR


“Almost everyone is familiar with the feeling, after a long and merry night spent out drinking – the hangover.

The definitions for this feeling vary from country to country. According to the German “Hangover” also known as “Kater” (which literally means cat) the booklet illustrates the world’s ten most famous hangovers in funny stories, radical images and dubious household remedies.” – Red Dot

Font of the week: Area by Corey Holms


Area hearkens back to the disco era, reminiscent of nightclub and record advertising. The rounded simple forms are updated with the implementation of negative kerning, which gives the typeface its unique look and modern feel. It is enhanced by the addition of over 50 ligatures that refine the final type treatment even further. This typeface contains both lining and non-lining numerals. Extensive atypical ligatures. Negative kerning. Lowercase only, but with select alternate characters.

Packaging design: Black Birch by BRIGADE


“A regional Northeastern winery approached BRIGADE to create a name, identity and bottle design for them. Upon visiting, we found the vineyard nestled on a beautiful New England hillside peppered with aging Black Birch trees. The team at Black Birch is passionate about the craft of viticulture and wine making; they are devoted to producing exemplary wines from locally grown grapes and we wanted that sense of devotion to be evident in every facet of their packaging. Reflecting on Black Birch Vineyard’s commitment to excellence, we designed a detailed die-cut label that embodies brand precision and pride. The label uses negative space to tell a story; as the die-cut sides of the label wrap around the bottle the silhouette of a Black Birch tree is revealed. This silhouette is further emphasized by contrast emerging between the matte label and reflective gloss of the bottle. The bottle and label also needed to reflect the hand-craftsmanship and artistry of the product; there are spaces on the back of the bottle for the winemakers at Black Birch to write each bottle and batch number by hand.”