Packaging design: Black Birch by BRIGADE


“A regional Northeastern winery approached BRIGADE to create a name, identity and bottle design for them. Upon visiting, we found the vineyard nestled on a beautiful New England hillside peppered with aging Black Birch trees. The team at Black Birch is passionate about the craft of viticulture and wine making; they are devoted to producing exemplary wines from locally grown grapes and we wanted that sense of devotion to be evident in every facet of their packaging. Reflecting on Black Birch Vineyard’s commitment to excellence, we designed a detailed die-cut label that embodies brand precision and pride. The label uses negative space to tell a story; as the die-cut sides of the label wrap around the bottle the silhouette of a Black Birch tree is revealed. This silhouette is further emphasized by contrast emerging between the matte label and reflective gloss of the bottle. The bottle and label also needed to reflect the hand-craftsmanship and artistry of the product; there are spaces on the back of the bottle for the winemakers at Black Birch to write each bottle and batch number by hand.”


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