Design Classics: Bob Dylan poster by Milton Glaser


Milton Glaser is arguably the most influential graphic designer of modern times. In fact, Glaser has been awarded that very title by Graphic Design: USA in the past. The creator of the truly iconic “I♥NY” campaign for his home city, his inventive but simple designs and illustrations have an individuality of their own which has often been copied but never bettered throughout his 70-year career.

Glaser’s work has been celebrated by both the art and commercial worlds, appearing in permanent collections in New York, Jerusalem and Washington D.C. , while the three agencies he has built up over the decades have a list of work including the best in poster and identity work, as well as re-designs and consultancy for some of the top periodicals and newspapers in the world. Among his most famous pieces are Bob Dylan album covers, the DC Comics bullet logo and the aforementioned identity work, the most copied logo in history according to some , for New York in the 1970s.


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