Month: August 2013

Font of the week: Hurme Geometric Sans No.4


Hurme Geometric Sans No.4 includes seven weights with true Small Caps, obliques and swash alternates. Uppercase swash alternates can be automatically applied to all characters or just to first and last characters of each word. Please see the specimen PDF for complete overview of the typeface and its features. Alternate characters and other Opentype features make for a versatile family that can be adjusted for specific needs.


Design Classics: Ray Gun cover by David Carson


A former sociology teacher and professional surfer, David Carson is the graphic designer whose work for the magazine Ray Gun epitomised the grunge aesthetic of the 1990s. His work set the visual style for a generation of bands and MTV audiences and, according to Newsweek Magazine “changed the public face of graphic design”.

Carson’s style is avowedly self-indulgent, using non-traditional lettering and imagery and smashing them together in an often seemingly indecipherable morass. For Carson, typography was art and the way he combined it with the background drew the viewer into the piece, making them work to both read the text and understand it in contest with the imagery.

Considered by some an enfant terrible of the graphic design world, his work is not without its critics – many of them vocal on how his cacophony of image and text went against the very grain of graphic design as a mode of easing and improving communication. But his style has gone on to inspire and be imitated by a generation and his first book ‘The End of Print’ is the biggest selling graphic design tome in the world

Tips and tricks: 20 perfect font pairings


It’s a classic conundrum for any graphic designer: picking two (or more) typefaces that set each other off, don’t fight the eye for attention, and harmonise without becoming homogenous and dull. The age-old rule goes as follows: concord or contrast, but don’t conflict.

The easiest way to achieve ‘concord’ is by using different fonts within the same overarching typeface family. Find a so-called ‘superfamily’ and you’ll have a ready-made range of weights, styles and classifications that are specifically designed to work together.

A good superfamily will include serif and a sans serif version of the same typeface: famous examples include Lucida/Lucida Sans and Meta/Meta Sans.


Tips and tricks: 10 Typography terms that every designer needs to know


Learning more about typography requires getting to grips with a whole heap of jargon. Here are some key terms that will be thrown your way, and what they mean.

If you want to become a professional designer, you need to learn about typography. But when you start to delve into the world of type, the number of unfamiliar terms that confront you can be a shock to the system. Let us ease you in gently with our guide to the most common terms, with input from some expert designers to lead your way.

Tips and tricks: Illustrator tips for better design


We’ve all had that mixed feeling of elation and frustration when we discover a new tip or technique in a design app. You’re both amazed at how easy this new technique is while in disbelief that you never knew about it before! I’ve put together a list of the top 10 Illustrator tips I’ve learnt over the years that have completely changed how I design. Hopefully you’ll learn a few new techniques too that will completely transform you every day workflow.