Month: September 2013

Typography: Vintage and Retro Typography Showcase By Robert Bowen




Typography talks the talk, to go along with the overall work’s walk, speaking volumes for the artist. This important design element surrounds people daily as they move through their routines, rarely taking notice. It’s literally everywhere. In advertising, product packaging, printed publications, graphic designs, and more. Accentuating and centralizing the overall theme of the design that it inhabits, communicating the message to the masses through creative inclusions in the work.


Inspiration: MAPS by Aleksandra i Daniel Mizielińscy


Atlas composed of 51 maps full of details and curiosities, presenting 6 continents and 42 selected countries. The maps show not only borders, cities, rivers and peaks but also the places of historical and cultural interests, eminent personalities, most characteristic animals and plants, ways of spending free time and many more fascinating features.

Book review: Design Thinking by Robert A. Curedale


This book is the most extensive reference available to Design Thinking. Design Thinking is an approach to designing products, services, architecture, spaces and experiences that is being quickly adopted by designers, architects and some of the world’s leading brands such as GE, Target, SAP, Procter and Gamble, IDEO and Intuit. It is being taught at leading universities including Stanford and Harvard. Design Thinking creates practical and
innovative solutions to problems. It drives repeatable innovation and business value.
Design Thinking can be used to develop a wide range of products, services, experiences and strategy. It is an approach that can be applied by anyone.

Inspiration: Rocky Mountain National Park Centennial logo by Christopher Dina


In 2014 Colorado State’s Rocky Mountain National Park will begin a year of festivities celebrating it’s 100th Anniversary. In need of a logo for educational, promotional, and marketing pieces, the Rocky Mountain Nature Association and Rocky Mountain jointly sponsored a logo contest.

Font of the week: Velino Poster by DSType


Velino is the most recent of our Premium Typefaces.The serif version comes in two packages with three widths: Velino, Velino Condensed and Velino Compressed. The Display package contains high contrast typefaces, with a modern flair, very feminine but with plenty of character, specially designed for fine print in big text sizes.
The Text package was designed for any running text. It’s proportions and colors make it the ideal for text, even in very difficult conditions such as newspaper printing. We also designed the perfect companion to this enormous type system: Velino Poster, a Slab Serif typeface with only one weight and it’s respective italic, but with plenty of muscle, for every time some extra strength is needed, like setting very big text, magazine covers or newspaper’s special sections. Finally we designed Velino Sans and Velino Sans Condensed to perfectly match the weight and proportions of Velino, all with matching italics.

Font of the week: YWFT Valley


YWFT Valley is a thin, lean and fashionable sans-serif, display font which takes the notion of ball and stick form quite literally. The pattern of dots plays between letters adding to the rhythmic pacing when typeset. YWFT Valley pays homage to post-modernism in its embrace of a variety of stylistic alternates and ligatures, many of which were inspired by Lubalin’s typographic innovations. Valley is available in opentype format, containing letter alternates, swashes and ligature design options.