Month: December 2013

Inspiration: GIF Art By James Kerr


James Kerr started his project “Scorpion Dagger” without any real direction, except for the intention to make one GIF everyday(ish) for one year. He had been making collages for some time and “Scorpion Dagger” started out to be a test of discipline and a way for him to learn how to animate. Making GIFs was a logical evolution to him.

The project represents many different things to him, the works from which he draws upon are so powerful and inspirational to him, that he is now nearly obsessed with repurposing them to share his vision of the world, and perhaps inspire people to look at art differently. The project is tremendously personal to him, it’s a lot more than the humor that’s at its surface and he is still trying to work out what “Scorpion Dagger” really is.


Font of the week, make that fonts of the year!


It’s been a great year. We’ve made some new friends, welcomed a number of foundries to FontShop, put on two great TYPO conferences, and seen some of the best type of our careers surface after years of careful work by their creators behind the scenes. Which leads us to this point, where we very gladly present our picks for best releases of the year in true red-carpet fashion. Anybody know how to tie a bowtie?

Font of the week: Port Words by Onrepeat Types


Port is an experimental Didone typeface with a modern twist, inspired in the well known forms of typography masters such as Bodoni and Didot and the exuberance and elegance of calligraphy typefaces.

Port melts the straight lines and strong contrasts of the Didone typefaces with the elegant lines of calligraphy in a geometric way, resulting in exuberant characters with geometric swashes that can be combined in countless ways.

The result of this experiment is Port, an unique and rich display typeface meant to be used on big sizes and it’s main perk is the amount of alternative characters it features. Port is Open-Type programmed and includes hundreds of alternates, from swashes to titling alternates, ligatures and stylistic sets with each character having a thin version of itself, giving complete freedom to all your creative needs.

Packaging design: Stangland’s Stache Wax by Sasha Barr


Sasha Barr, head designer and co-owner of Amigo Skateboards collaborated with skate wax company, Skate Sauce, to produce a limited edition skateboarding wax to coincide with the launch of their Stangland’s Stache Wax skateboard.

The box for Stangland’s Stache Wax was designed and hand assembled by Barr. Drawing inspiration from rider Ryan Stangland’s signature ‘stache, Barr creates an elegant, tongue in cheek design to house the skateboarding wax. Created in conjunction of the release of their Stangland’s Stache Wax skateboard, the design for the box echos the motif used on the skateboard. Grabbing the “‘stache wax” tin from the skateboard, Barr creates a play on words teasing that Stangland’s Stache Wax can actually be used to tame one’s mustache.

Tips and tricks: Get Over Yourself: How Your Ego Sabotages Your Creativity


One of the most destructive of creative sins is an over-inflated ego. When many people hear the word “ego,” they immediately think of the know-it-all manager charging into the room and insisting that everyone bend their life and work around his every whim. This is certainly one exhibition of ego, but there are less obvious types that we must be careful to avoid if we want to do our best creative work consistently.