Font for the week: Typography special

A New Year, a New Font. Take your pick, there’s plenty to go around

Chapitre is based on the principle of the endless knot, a symbol used in Hinduism and Buddhism. The letters of Chapitre are not strictly endless knots though. They’re made up of two or three layered lines to convey intertwining, unity, and inseparability.


The Vtg Stencil series are based on real-world stencils, with the Germany No.1 design derived from authentic antique German stencil-plates. Surprisingly these stencil-plates offer a high contrast Didonedesign very similar to the French stencils produced and sold till today. For informal use the styles Paint and Sketch offer additional variations; an extensive random function will mix the glyphs as you type in proper OpenType-savvy apps.


The breezy Al Fresco is light yet expressive. It’s a brush script that’s perfect for packaging and titling work when the job calls for a youthful, delectable flair. Its elegance carries a subtle earthiness; its beauty is unconventional, stylish, and exuberant. Use the OpenType feature Titling for even more versatility. It serves up swash forms, contextual alternates, and ornaments to sweeten this tasty typeface.


Brooklyn Samuels was recently extended to a five-weight family. Rounded inner and outer corners give the geometrical character shapes a friendly feel. Although it is primarily intended for headline use, stylistic sets offer text-friendly alternatives for some letters, yielding excellent legibility in small sizes.


Oskar is inspired by Dutch architectural and advertising lettering from the early 20th century. It was initially designed for the lettering of a monumental school in The Hague by architect Jan Duiker in 1929. Six meticulously drawn “split inline” styles enhance Oskar’s unique quality.


Created for Rodeo magazine under the direction of Stefania Malmsten, Göran Söderström’s Line sets its expressive headlines apart from its pages’ more traditional typography by means of delicate, linear, sometimes sans, sometimes script letterforms. The set comes in a variety of stroke weights, allowing for ultra fine lines even at the most daring of display sizes.



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