Month: March 2014

Inspiration: The Imaginary Adventures of a Lazy Red Panda by El Diablo


“The Imaginary Adventures of a Lazy Red Panda is a project to develop periodically, every two months there will be a short passage in the life of the Red Panda to eventually become a short story.

The stories are developed in less than 200 characters and have a surreal tint that is not exactly for children.The design and layout was inspired by the editorial design of the artist Jim Flora. The composition is a fundamental element because is intended to maintain simplicity giving more balance to the writing and the story itself.”


Tips and tricks: Conquer big creative projects using past, present and future focus


In the past 25 days, I have written five chapters for my first book, which currently stands at 35,554 words of text. This writing has happened around also taking three out-of-town trips, working with clients, writing my newsletter, completing guest posts, giving virtual training courses, keeping in touch with family and friends, and still sleeping an average of 6.5 hours a night (the amount I need to be at my prime).

by – Elizabeth Grace Saunders

Font of the week: Hurme Geometric

Toni Hurme’s long history in branding and packaging work often led him in search of typefaces that were yet to exist. Five years ago, that search led him to discover type design. He’s been running his type foundry, Hurme Design, ever since. Toni’s first commercial release, Hurme Geometric, is based on a practice he’d used frequently in his graphic work: expanding a single concept into a wide range of possibilities.