Packaging design

Packaging design: Paradise Gourmet Exotic Coffee by Artemov Artel Studio


Design Studio Artemov Artel created exotic gift packaging for a series of coffees from Paradise Gourmet Club.  Significantly more expensive than traditional coffee and poorly known by consumers, the company wanted its packaging to demonstrate exclusivity and premium value for its boxed gift sets.


Opinion: Branding is dead. Packaging is the new black.


Branding is well steeped in the marketing, design and advertising industries and you hear about it everywhere and let’s be honest, it’s a bit of old news. It’s been the buzzword ever since advertising went a bit cold after the 80′s and 90′s. People needed another way to compete beyond the razzle and dazzle entertainment of advertisements. So branding was born, as a ‘new and better’ way to connect with the people that you want to buy your product.

Xmas inspired packaging design: Früute Holiday Baskets


Meet the new Früute Gift Baskets for the Holidays! The Los Angeles based bakery has created adorable gift baskets for their delicious cookies. Früute classic clear bags comes in a bright red felt basket that immediately associate you with the holiday season. The two different sets, Doodle Sculpture and Little Forest come with cute little friends to decorate your holiday settings.

Packaging design: Stangland’s Stache Wax by Sasha Barr


Sasha Barr, head designer and co-owner of Amigo Skateboards collaborated with skate wax company, Skate Sauce, to produce a limited edition skateboarding wax to coincide with the launch of their Stangland’s Stache Wax skateboard.

The box for Stangland’s Stache Wax was designed and hand assembled by Barr. Drawing inspiration from rider Ryan Stangland’s signature ‘stache, Barr creates an elegant, tongue in cheek design to house the skateboarding wax. Created in conjunction of the release of their Stangland’s Stache Wax skateboard, the design for the box echos the motif used on the skateboard. Grabbing the “‘stache wax” tin from the skateboard, Barr creates a play on words teasing that Stangland’s Stache Wax can actually be used to tame one’s mustache.

Packaging Design: 15 Minimalistic Packaging Designs


“Minimal” is a term each designer uses on a daily basis. It is characterised by the use of simple or primary forms or structures, especially geometric or massive ones. This concept has become a trend that is associated with clean, focused, and simplified design, most famously encouraged by Apple’s founder, Steve Jobs, who stated:

“That’s been one of my mantras – focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.”

Enjoy a little simplicity with our 15 most minimalistic package designs.

Packaging design: Stationery by Frida Plumm


Frida Plumm is a design house born in Melbourne, Australia. The collections of stationery and homewares focus on globally inspired themes to create fresh, original and expressive designs.

The new Troika collection of stationery is an original line of graphic and embellished paper goods for gifts and everyday use. Designed with practicality in mind, the collection is presented in unique pressed tin cases in an assortment of candy colours – necessary to keep every life and desktop in perfect order.

Packaging design: Holy Water by Tony Ibbotson

12_05_12_ holywater_1

“The name of the lablel is Holy Water and each staff member was photographed and brought to life in a traditional horror books style. The story follows the characters experimentation with Holy Water and the catestrophic results. Each bottle contains 2 pages and there are a total of 6 in the set. Different varieties are illustrated with a different base retro style color.”

Packaging design: Black Birch by BRIGADE


“A regional Northeastern winery approached BRIGADE to create a name, identity and bottle design for them. Upon visiting, we found the vineyard nestled on a beautiful New England hillside peppered with aging Black Birch trees. The team at Black Birch is passionate about the craft of viticulture and wine making; they are devoted to producing exemplary wines from locally grown grapes and we wanted that sense of devotion to be evident in every facet of their packaging. Reflecting on Black Birch Vineyard’s commitment to excellence, we designed a detailed die-cut label that embodies brand precision and pride. The label uses negative space to tell a story; as the die-cut sides of the label wrap around the bottle the silhouette of a Black Birch tree is revealed. This silhouette is further emphasized by contrast emerging between the matte label and reflective gloss of the bottle. The bottle and label also needed to reflect the hand-craftsmanship and artistry of the product; there are spaces on the back of the bottle for the winemakers at Black Birch to write each bottle and batch number by hand.”