Smoke Shak business proposal

This project consisted of a business proposal and the initial branding for a pop-up restaurant in the food market of Brixton. The restaurant’s concept was based on a traditional Caribbean-style barbecue, using a coal-pit style smoker. The meat is slowly cooked and smoked for several hours to results in fall-off-the-bone meat with a unique taste. The theme of the restaurant needed to be laid-back and reflect the Caribbean lifestyle, but also with a rustic and rugged look without pretending to be anything it’s not.


Festival of Sport poster campaign

This project was for the annual Humanrace Festival of Sport in Cornwall. The festival encourages locals and non-locals alike to take part in various sporting activities including triathlons, individual events and beach activities. The campaign consisted of a total of four poster designs. The first poster was to promote the event in collaboration with First Great Western, as one of the major sponsors of the event. These posters were put up from London Paddington along the route towards Marazion in Cornwall. Other poster for the event also included a more sport focused poster with more information on the event, a poster put up in the St Aubyn Estates pubs in collaboration with Tribute (as another major sponsor of the event) as well as a poster promoting the music festival taking place during the event, showcasing various local bands.

Flock’d branding


A branding projects for a digital marketing and creative agency. The client wanted a slick and simple design illustrating ideas and elements coming together, like a flock of birds. But also a logo that captures their ability to create innovative solutions and move their clients’ business forward and beyond. The project included a logo, stationery, branding guidelines and a credentials presentation.