Inspiration: In-your-face GIFs will shock and delight


Over the past few years, animated GIFs have erupted onto your screens. Using the internet as their canvas, artists can animate just about anything to create a mesmirizing piece or two. Whilst you’ll have seen plenty in your time, we’re pretty sure you’ve never seen GIFs quite like this.


Branding: Big Brand Theory by Ewan Yap


Designer Ewan Yap, from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia explore the principle of “BIG BRANG THEORY”; cropping out each brand’s identity as much as possible while maintaining it’s integrity. “Creating a series of experimental packaging design based on the principle of BIG BRAND THEORY. The main focus is to have each brand’s identity meticulously and uniquely cropped out of the packaging as much as possible yet maintaining it’s integrity and comprehension at the same time enhancing the aesthetic value”