Font of the week: Estander by Luciano Vergara


Today’s font of choice, Estandar, was created by graphic and type designer Luciano Vergara. Available from HypeForType, the Estandar is described as being ‘a retro and vintage wayfinding sans serif font, inspired by old signage in central park and Europe’.

Estandar Regular is available as a free download fromHypeForType, where other weights of the font family can also be purchased.


Gift guide from the 1983 Apple Catalogue



I always thought Apple was an electronic company. According to 1983 however, it was more!

Apple actually still sell branded merchandise from their own company store. But before Steve Jobs returned you could by any old item from their own mail order catalogue.

I’ll take the rug hook kit. Christmas present anyone?!

Typography: Vintage and Retro Typography Showcase By Robert Bowen




Typography talks the talk, to go along with the overall work’s walk, speaking volumes for the artist. This important design element surrounds people daily as they move through their routines, rarely taking notice. It’s literally everywhere. In advertising, product packaging, printed publications, graphic designs, and more. Accentuating and centralizing the overall theme of the design that it inhabits, communicating the message to the masses through creative inclusions in the work.

Font of the week: Area by Corey Holms


Area hearkens back to the disco era, reminiscent of nightclub and record advertising. The rounded simple forms are updated with the implementation of negative kerning, which gives the typeface its unique look and modern feel. It is enhanced by the addition of over 50 ligatures that refine the final type treatment even further. This typeface contains both lining and non-lining numerals. Extensive atypical ligatures. Negative kerning. Lowercase only, but with select alternate characters.